Monday, January 16, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

After reading so many food-related blogs, I've been inspired to start one of my own, where I can write out my own musings about all things revolving around food. I suppose that starting my own blog would be a natural extension of my intense interest in food and other culinary matters combined with my love of literature and writing (not to mention a tendency to ruminate on things).

How can I explain my title? To begin, I wanted a name that would describe my focus and suggest a little about my food identity. Buttered toast is one of my favourite foods; everyday from the age of six to twelve, my breakfast consisted of two slices of golden brown toast. I still enjoy toast a lot and find that it inspires many meals; while I can't say that it represents my cooking "philosophy," buttered toast has informed my development as a culinary enthusiast. The other
part of my title, mantequilla, is really a matter of whimsy; mantequilla means "butter" in Spanish, and it is one of my favourite words in the language. And there you have it, the briefest distillation of my title, and the end of my inaugural blog entry. Enjoy!